tl;dr This is not artificial. It's photography!

This is a collection of actual light hitting an actual sensor in an actual camera. No AI-generated images here. Just moments captured in time.
Although this does not mean that I don't use AI to help me with my edits.

  • A close-up photo capturing the delicate pink blossoms of a cherry tree. A bee is perched on one of the clusters of flowers, collecting nectar. The background features a soft, blurred effect, enhancing the intricate details of the blossoms and the bee in focus.
  • A diverse group of individuals are gathered in a twilight setting, participating in a protest. The crowd is dense and filled with various expressions of determination and focus. Several homemade signs are held aloft, with one prominently displayed in the center reading 'MY MOM TOLD ME NOT TO TALK TO NAZIS!' Other signs with messages are partially visible around it. The lighting suggests either dawn or dusk, and the urban setting provides a backdrop of buildings with the sky showing a gentle gradient from blue to orange.
  • The image features an atmospheric view of the interior of a dark-themed train museum. Silhouetted visitors are scattered throughout the exhibit, some standing and others in motion, engaging with the displays. A large, vintage locomotive model is prominently displayed in the center, brightly lit and serving as the focal point. To the right, a well-lit enclosure showcases model trains on tracks. Explanatory text panels are visible throughout, softly illuminated, inviting viewers to learn. The ambient lighting casts a soft glow on the sleek museum floors, creating a reflective surface that enhances the ambiance.
  • The image showcases a detailed scale model of a classic steam locomotive, predominantly black with red trimmings, displayed on tracks. The model is identified as '23 001' marked on the locomotive's front, with the 'DB' logo on the front. The setting appears to be an exhibition with carefully directed lighting highlighting the train model and creating a reflective surface below it. In the background there are informational displays and subdued lighting, suggesting an indoor museum environment.
  • The image captures a waxing crescent moon centered in a dark, textured night sky. The moon is brightly lit on its curved edge, fading into darkness toward the rest of its surface, which is barely visible against the backdrop of the evening glow.
  • An elderly couple experiences a quiet moment in a park with the man seated on a wooden bench looking at his mobile phone, while the woman stands beside him looking away thoughtfully. A tangle of bare, dark branches creates a moody backdrop, suggesting the late autumn or winter season. The scene conveys a sense of stillness and the complexity of human relationships.
  • A solitary leafless tree stands in a snow-covered landscape under a softly hued dawn or dusk sky with shades of pink and blue. A dusting of snow rests on each branch, and the ground is blanketed in undisturbed white snow, the scene conveying a quiet and serene winter moment.
  • A chestnut pony with a thick blonde mane stands in a snowy landscape, wearing a white saddle pad and a blue halter. It is grazing on a sparse patch of grass, with a serene backdrop of a sunlit forest in the distance.
  • Two small children are walking away from the camera, hand in hand, on a dirt path amid a wooded area. It appears to be winter, as light snowflakes fall around them. The child on the left wears a gray jacket, yellow pants, and a helmet with colorful patterns, while the child on the right dons a white jacket with animal prints, black pants, and a matching white hood. The scene exudes a peaceful and endearing quality.
  • A serene autumn forest scene with a variety of trees displaying vibrant golden yellow and some green leaves. A fallen tree trunk lies across a still body of water, which reflects the rich colors of the foliage and trunks above, creating a mirror-like effect. The forest floor is carpeted with fallen leaves, and the calm water serves as a natural border at the foreground of the image.
  • Close-up of vibrant yellow and brown oak leaves in soft focus, with sunlight filtering through the foliage, highlighting the intricate textures and warm hues of the autumn season.
  • The image captures a lush, green outdoor orangutan exhibit on a sunny day. There is an orangutan sitting on the grass, likely enjoying a moment of rest or foraging for food. The habitat is equipped with tall, dead trees arranged to mimic a natural environment, complete with multiple ropes strung between them for the orangutans to climb and swing on. The backdrop includes a clear blue sky and a variety of greenery, including trees and shrubs, enhancing the sense of a tranquil, natural setting.
  • A child in a pink sweater and white hat being held up by an adult to look over a rustic wooden fence, while another small child in a beige hat and green pants stands facing the fence, at a park with lush greenery and rock formations in the background under a clear blue sky.
  • A prominent translucent blue jellyfish is centered in the image, with detailed, delicate tentacles visible within its bell, illuminated against a deep blue, almost black underwater background. Smaller, faint jellyfish are visible in the background, providing a sense of depth.
  • A toddler in a pink and white striped hat and green pants is sitting on a dark tiled floor, facing an aquarium tank. The child is looking intently at a large fish swimming in the clear blue water, surrounded by underwater plants and thin strands of algae. The image captures a moment of discovery, with the child's back towards the viewer, adding a sense of wonder and exploration.